Honey provides the majority of sugar that yeast consumes to create alcohol in mead.  It also shapes much of the smell, taste and color of mead.  When a hive of bees collect the majority of its nectar from a particular floral source, for example buckwheat blossoms, the honey acquires unique characteristics.  This is a varietal honey, which is also referred to as a monofloral honey.  Generally speaking, meads made from varietal honeys highlight the smell and taste particular to the honey.  A mead tend to reflects the color of varietal honeys, too.  Here are descriptions of some of the varietal honeys that Misbeehavin’ Meads uses.

Alfalfa – Nearly flavorless to milky, some has spicy notes.  Appearance is water white to pale amber.


Blackberry—Delicate and sweet with a hint of fruit.  Appearance is very light amber.


Buckwheat—Strong buckwheat, malty, or molasses flavor.  Appearance is dark brown.


Meadowfoam—Toasted marshmallow, custard or vanilla.  Appearance is medium amber.


Orange Blossom—Hints of citrus, orange and orange blossom.  Appearance is light amber to dark amber.


Star Thistle—Anise, almonds, or cinnamon. Appearance is medium amber.