We make great mead, be it traditional or experimental. We release annually around 48 different meads, which explore different fruits and varietal honeys. Many of our meads are unconventional, featuring unusual ingredients and processes. We age lots of mead on wood or in barrels.

Current Tasting Room Offerings



Orange Blossom

$8/ 8oz glass   $20/750ml bottle


Cabernet of Curiosities

$10/ 8oz glass   $28/ 750 ml bottle


The Appian Way

$10/ 8oz glass   $28/ 750 ml bottle


The Hot Club of Valpo

$10/8oz glass   $28/ 750 ml bottle


Coffee, Tea or Mead

$10/ 8oz glass   $28/ 750ml bottle







Know Our Rosé

$8.50/ 8oz glass   $22/ 750ml bottle





Sparkling Meads


 Chinook March to Buzz

$6/ 13oz glass   $12/ howler fill



$10/ 8oz glass   $33/ howler fill


Knowledge Brings Fear

$7/ 13oz glass   $14/ howler fill






$5/ 13oz glass   $10/ howler fill


Caramel Apple Cider

$7/ 13oz glass   $14/ howler fill



Bottle Only



Cotton Crown

$22/ 750ml bottle


Meadnut Butter Cup

$28/ 750ml bottle



- FYI -


We handcraft everything on site.  We do not pasteurize and rarely filter our meads.


Some sediment can form in the bottles.


Do not leave bottles in a hot car.


Recommended serving temperature is 52-55 degrees.


Store bottles on their side in a dark & very cool temperature-controlled environment.